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peer-to-peer lending marketplace

    Global view of the Lending market

    The Problem

    The current lending market is still being run by the same process implemented several hundreds of years ago. Right now, we’ve advanced into a technological age where cryptocurrency has a big major market and its gain through time is very noticeable. We believe that the blockchain will likely revolutionize our society as much as Internet in its time.

    Our Solution

    According to NASDAQ, the global peer-to-peer (P2P) lending market is estimated to reach $897.85 billion by 2024. Blockchain-based peer-to-peer platforms are bridging the gap between lenders interested in investing their crypto-assets, and borrowers in need for funds either for personal or business projects. By eliminating intermediaries between the parties, Volix Network is allowing for faster decisions and higher ratios of approvals, as well as free settlement of interest rates and loan terms.

    How we implement it

    What is the key for Volix platform to work in a secure and convenient way for both lenders and borrowers? Collateralization of crypto-assets in a blockchain-reliant storage of data. As opposed to traditional forms of collateral, such as real estate and automobiles, blockchain assets are divisible, mutually interchangeable and instantly transferrable.

    Overview of Volix P2P Lending marketplace

    Our mission is to connect investors or lenders (people who want to invest their money) and borrowers (people who need a loan for a personal or a business project), via the Volix marketplace. The Volix marketplace will allow investors to lend VOX coins to borrowers and get rewarded with an interest rate. Also, it will allow investors to use our user-friendly wallet to hold VOX coins to collect daily rewards on the Volix Wallet. 

    For more details, please read our Whitepaper.

    Our software is open-source

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    Android Wallet

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    iOS Wallet

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    Blockchain Technology


    After the effects of decentralization are observed, we give banks much less possession of our personal transactions. This makes the job extremely easy to do, secure and free for third party claws. The fact that both the lenders and the borrowers are basically trading with each other through an impregnable security mesh that is blockchain allows them to feel completely safe after their loan request is deployed.


    Our goal is to allow our users to profit from fast transations that we offer with the help of our blockchain technology. It takes only 20 confirmations for our transactions to be confirmed. You can send and receive coins almost instantly with the help of SwiftTX, which is one of the fastest transaction system in the crypto world.


    Volix focuses heavily on the user security and privacy using Obfuscation and DarkSend technology. We are constantly improving our interface with new features.  Any innovation and improvements on the blockchian network are readily implemented by our systems and we will constantly be creating and updating new user-experience enhancing setups.

    Volix is a community-based P2P lending platform with no central authority. Our mission is to connect investors or lenders with borrowers via the Volix platform, making crypto assets accessible for anyone, anywhere in the world.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Volix?
    Volix is a decentralized marketplace that allows lenders and borrowers to meet between each other without the need of a third party or a central authority. We have implemented masternodes functionality in our own blockchain to allow our users to help us secure our network and be rewarded with our custom block reward table.
    Are the VOX minable?
    The team will proceed to a premine that will be used to help the launch of the project. After that, Proof of Work will switch to Proof of Stake and no one will be able to mine VOX. You will need to have your wallet open to stake more VOX, or have a masternode running 24h/24 to collect the block rewards.
    How can I buy VOX coins?
    Check the Volix Listing sections to see the available exchanges
    What is PoS?
    The probability that a validator will succeed in confirming the next block of transactions to add to the blockchain is proportional to the amount of money that is on that wallet. More precisely, it is proportional to the ratio between the user’s balance at that time and the total of the currency in circulation.

    For example, a person with 5% of a PoS currency can mint 5% of the blocks in the same way that a person with 5% of the bitcoin hash power can theoretically mine the 5% of the blocks. It’s as if a PoS was trying to simply copy PoW by making each coin of its currency a simulated mining rig.

    What is the difference between PoW/PoS?
    PoS mechanisms do not require powerful and expensive hardware for maintenance of the blockchain and do not consume a lot of electricity. PoS requires significantly smaller resources compared to PoW, a factor of 1000. That’s why they are considered a green technology. The PoS is not subject to the risk of attack 51% because to carry out such an attack, it would require to possess at least 51% of the total supply, which is considered impossible. A PoS currency has no inflation. The money supply is created at the beginning, and that is why a PoS system guarantees that a currency will be deflationary.
    Which wallets do you offer?
    You can already download our Linux, Windows and Mac wallet in download section. iOS, Android and web wallets linked to our marketplace portal will be released soon.
    Is there a bounty?
    Yes. We are running different campains through our Discord server. Join our Discord here
    What is a masternode?
    The concept of masternodes introduced by Dash. For Volix, it is based on the principle that anyone with at least 5000 VOX can verify and secure transactions. In exchange, the owners are paid to be a complete node of the network, or what we call masternodes.
    What are the fees of your platform?
    All transactions on our lending marketplace will be charged 0.5% fees.
    How to setup a masternode?
    Please follow our last guide on our Github page. Ask for help in the Discord if you need it.
    What is the minimum and maximum loan duration?
    All the loan terms will be fixed by the both lender and borrower through a smart contract right in our web platform.
    Where can I get the latest updates about Volix?
    Visit our social Twitter, Medium, and Discord server and look for the latest announcement or pinned messages.

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